The 35th issue of Going Down Swinging is almost here (it’s so close!).

A chockers print and audio anthology that will take you to the wrong parts of Baltimore; drag you across the silk route; breathe cured meats in your face in suburban Adelaide before breaking your heart on a Californian highway. You’ll meet Pavlichenko, the most successful female sniper in history; a Japanese whaler losing himself at sea; a guy struggling with psychedelics at a funeral; and people who believe they’re mythical creatures trapped in human bodies.

All this is threaded together by our commissioned artist Darren Song, who produces intricate embroidery work using paper as his canvas. For this project Darren chose eight spreads from vintage editions of Going Down Swinging and embroidered over them his response to the writing in No. 35. The results – reproduced in the pages of No. 35 – are beautiful and surprising.

The edition also comes with a radical new look and feel courtesy of design studio Holiday.