Acclaimed US writer Derrick Brown will visit Australia for the first time in late May, on a live tour supported by Going Down Swinging.

Derrick Brown reckons poets should tour like rock bands. He’s played thousands of shows, collaborating with the Flaming Lips for All Tomorrow’s Parties, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, at Glastonbury Festival in England, supporting Cold War Kids on tour, curating the all-star Revival tours in the States, and writing an hour-long collaborative show with the Noord Nederlands Dans Collective.

For 15 years Derrick has made a name as one of America’s top writers and performers of poetry, and one of few who gets as much praise for his written work. The winner of last year’s Texas Book to the Year award and the founder of publishing house Write Bloody, Derrick will now head Australia’s way for a series of dates in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra between May 21 and June 1.

Aside from appearances and workshops at the Sydney Writers Festival and at the Emerging Writers Festival in Melbourne, Derrick will headline major shows in both cities exclusively for Going Down Swinging.

Giant Dwarf theatre in Sydney will host us on the evening of Monday May 26, and the Mission to Seafarers in Melbourne will do the same on Friday May 30. More details and ticket information will follow – join our mailing list or follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for updates.

There’s a reason we’re excited, both for Going Down Swinging and for Australian audiences. Some performers you enjoy, some make you go weird and start firing off YouTube links to your friends. Formerly an 82nd Airbone paratrooper, a gondolier and a fired weatherman, Derrick Brown has become one of the best spoken word performers in the world by puncturing pretension and overblown drama. He speaks directly and tenderly, builds sentences with fine skill, finds unlikely beauty and resolutely maintains his sense of humour. He’s a joy to watch, and you’ll be able to do that in person, very soon.

In the meantime, get to know him long-distance.