The Going Down Swinging team is in the midst of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts in time for the release of edition #40. To get you in the mood for our launch on Saturday November 16, we want to introduce you to our incredible lineup of performers who’ll be showcasing their work from the book. 

Next up is Eloise Grills.

Eloise Grills is an award-winning visual essayist and poet living in Melbourne. If you’re sexy and you know it slap your hams, her first book of poetry, is out now with Subbed In.

Tell us about your piece from GDS #40, in ten words or less.

Bodies bouncing beatifically and buoyantly in a beautiful bootilicious bonanza!

Where have your creative endeavours been taking you recently?

Geographically, between my house in Preston and my studio in North Melbourne. Also I went to Mildura recently to run a workshop. It’s a long drive and we drove through the mallee scrub and there is a big river (known as the Murray ofc), with lots of kookaburras cackling around it, which was awesome. In terms of mental journeys, lately I’ve been writing an essay exploring the matron, so re-experiencing texts like The Nanny, looking at big busty boxy broads like Trunchbull in Matilda, Nurse Ratchet, Kathleen Turner murdering her neighbourhood in Serial Mom. You know, the everyday stuff, but make it fun.

What’s your favourite piece from Going Down Swinging’s history, and why?

I love love love this piece, ‘DYSTOPIAN NOVEL WITH ME AS THE CENTRAL CHARACTER, by Marc Pearson and Freya Daly Sadgrove. It’s great not only because it’s a collab between one of my favourite comics artists and one of my favourite poets, but their styles mesh so well. I love the way the squishy awkwardness of Marc’s drawings of people complements the dark and awkward humour of Freya’s words. So many gorgeous images of potato bodies in moments of vulnerability and intimacy! I too want to die being asphyxiated by a pile of bean bag beans, just cos Freya said it! It’s brilliant.

If you could have forty pieces of something, what would that something be?

Forty individually wrapped pieces of ass. No. Cake? No. Sanity? Probably forty pieces of delicious snacks to feed to my doggies because I’m a sad dog mum now and that’s all I think about.

Going Down Swinging #40 launches 7pm Saturday 16 November at Brunswick Mechanics Institute. Tickets are just $5, or $35 to get your copy of this shiny new edition at the door. Make sure you stay up to date on the Facebook event page – we’ll see you there.