What a difference some love makes. A month ago, GDS was looking down the barrel. Our main funding was gone, our last two editions hadn’t made back enough of their costs, and if our next one went the same way then we were cactus.

So we launched our Survival Drive, and people poured in. We cracked our initial target in three days. 83 new subscribers doubled our list. 217 people supported the campaign, either on Pozible or directly, bringing in $16,312. About $1500 of that will go on fees and postage, but it still leaves us enough to pay off the next edition in advance, then stash later sales for the future.

It’s been very special to have all that goodwill coming in, and to hear from all the people who’ve rallied together behind this weird and wonderful publication, and we’re very grateful to all of you.

Then, two days before the end of the campaign, we got an email. Arts Victoria have offered to support us for 2016 – core funding we can build a program around. It doesn’t kick in until late next year, but the Survival Drive means we can bridge that gap.

Not that we’re suddenly doing a Woody Harrelson in a pile of Vegas greenbacks. Arts Vic are great because they let us pay writers and artists, designers and editors, mixers and engineers, performers and musicians, along with some administrative bills. We still pay for any artists outside Victoria, as well as the major printing and distribution costs.

So we still need readers and subscribers for stability, and more importantly we need them for inspiration. If someone dropped a million bucks on us that would be great, but if they were the only reader then there wouldn’t be much point. We make books and records because we want to share them with everyone. The vast majority of staff hours aren’t paid and never will be, but what keeps us here is the excitement of publishing brilliant people, and the chance their work will mean something to someone out in the world.

If you want to be part of that please do – our Survival Drive bonuses are available for another week or so. Just buy a subscription from the shop and get $80 of bonuses; or buy a current issue and get a $15 bonus release. The shop is here, or you can netbank some digital coins and email us your order. If you want one of the specialty rewards from the expired Pozible campaign, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

In some final good news, the City of Melbourne has also announced they’ll support three more One Night Wonders shows in 2015, after this year’s series had such an enthusiastic response. ONW was always separate to our print program, but we’re really happy to be be organising live shows, audio albums, online writing and print books for 2016.

The last One Night Wonders 2014 show is on November 28, with Sean M. Whelan and the Mime Set reuniting. This will book out, so get a seat now, and check out the records from the earlier shows in the series.

Thanks to everyone who has made our October excellent. Now to get to work.