The Going Down Swinging team is in the midst of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts in time for the release of edition #40. To get you in the mood for our launch on Saturday November 16, we want to introduce you to our incredible lineup of performers who’ll be showcasing their work from the book. 

First up is Fury

Fury is a despicable changeling creature birthed from the sulphur swamps of greater New Zealand, currently inhabiting the desolate desert landscapes of Melbourne’s CBD. You can tell them by their webbed fingers and shifting red eyes. To ward them off, you may leave an inverted coat or open iron scissors where you sleep. It is not advised to read their guileful poetry as their words encourage restless sleep.

Tell us about your piece from GDS #40, in ten words or less.

A choral spoken word piece about loving someone who is unwell.

Where have your creative endeavours been taking you recently?

I’ve been working more in costume, which I am excited about. I’ve done an artists residency at No Vacancy about stillness where I sketched people. It was called Sitting. I’m interested in using that work as source material and developing it into other areas. I’ve been doing some poetry, but not much and dabbling in short story. I’m about to go on holiday for a couple of days and I’m excited to do some en plein air painting.

What’s your favourite piece from Going Down Swinging’s history, and why?

I really liked the piece Andy Connor did in #38. I remember them really playing down the piece. I think they were self-conscious about the simplicity of it and how abstract it is, but it really works! It’s really nice to see the way they use line and shape to tell the story. 

If you could have forty pieces of something, what would that something be?

I would have forty pieces of eight, and then truly a pirate I’d be.

Going Down Swinging #40 launches 7pm Saturday 16 November at Brunswick Mechanics Institute. Tickets are just $5, or $35 to get your copy of this shiny new edition at the door. Make sure you stay up to date on the Facebook event page – we’ll see you there.