After 35 years, GDS needs your help to stay alive.

Our Survival Drive has raised $16,312 on Pozible and through our online shop. No charity: every supporter gets back well over the dollar value they put in. More than cash though, we need to build numbers of subscribers, readers and listeners to help ensure our future. We want those people to be part of what’s happening at GDS into the years ahead.

The Pozible campaign has closed but we can still arrange most of the same rewards: not just books and albums but trips to the aquarium, trampoline park excursions, manuscript assessments, pro recording sessions, custom pieces by star writers, or a backyard show at your place with Angie Hart.

For basic orders you can buy at our shop, or send us an email and a bank transfer, and we’ll arrange the same rewards and bonuses. For more complicated rewards email first. We’d love to have you involved.

What am I supporting?

Since 1980 GDS has published 1054 writers and artists across 33 print anthologies, 2 digital editions, 19 audio albums and here on GDS Online, as well as putting on dozens of live shows featuring hundreds of performers. But a bunch of damaged books hurt our recent sales, and a year ago government budget cuts demolished our core funding.

Next up is our 2015 issue, and it’s going to be a beauty. Rather than short pieces we’re assembling a handful of longer works, each paired with its own illustrator and published individually as part of a multi-format collection. It’s a box set where everything’s a different shape. Design studio Holiday are in charge of the concept, which is unlike anything we’ve tried before.

It includes Bridget Lutherborrow’s debut fiction collection Thirteen Story Horse, paired with Melbourne painter Harley Manifold. (Read Chapter 1.)Harley Manifold
Retired televisusaliser and casual legend Andrew Denton is working on a new collaboration with artist Megan Herbert.Megan Herbert
Graphic artist Pat Grant is rendering his heartsquishing memoir Toormina Video for print, along with a new series of posters.
Toormina Video excerpt
We’re opening submissions for at least two other pieces.

There are seven of us at GDS, volunteering thousands of hours a year. We give in-depth professional development to emerging writers and interns, and set up satellite programs like live shows and online publishing. It’s all built around our print program.

Thousands of you connect with us through social media, mailing lists and submissions. Subscriptions are a hundred bucks for four years. We currently have 83 new subscribers from this campaign: hitting 100 would really set us up for the future.

So can you give us a hand? We love GDS and what it does for Australian writing, but we can’t do it alone. The best part is, you can help just by reading, watching and listening to brilliant new writers. We’d love to have you along.