tessa comes over to my house after school & tells me not to tell anyone.

i say ha ha sure because who would i tell, anyway?

in math today all the girls were taking big handfuls of tessa’s hair & rubbing their faces in it & saying OMG tessa yummmm. i sat in the row in front & wanted to ask to smell it too but i didn’t bc tessa hates it when i talk to her at school.

now we’re in my room & i ask to smell her hair & she says yes & i feel lightheaded.

i put my face in close & it smells like honey on toast & i tell her that.

she says ha ha you’re so weird.

i know i’m weird, i say, i can’t help it.

she gives me a look like she’s embarrassed by me but no one’s around so it doesn’t matter.

math used to be co-ed but the boys were too distracting so now it’s only girls. when they made the split we were supposed to act all cut about it but if i’m honest w myself i was relieved. tessa says it’s such a drag to have class w no boys & i say ha ha yeah, even tho it’s only a few hours and who cares.

i can’t believe tessa is in my room. she’s looking at my DVDs & i ask if she likes buffy & she says she’s never seen it. i tell her she has to bc it’s sooooo good.

tessa asks who i have a crush on.

we’re sitting on my bed & i go bright red even tho i don’t like any of the boys.

ummm no one, i say.

c’mon says tessa & for some reason my heart is beating rly fast.

i want to ask what shampoo she uses & if i can smell her hair again but i don’t want to be weird. my hands have nowhere to go.

i don’t have a crush on anyone, i say.

OMG you have to have a crush on someone, she says.

i ask her if she has a crush on anyone & she starts listing some of the boys in our year.

ewww, i say, those boys are dumb.

you would say that, says tessa & idk what she means by it.

she opens my laptop to put some music on & i let her. she keeps playing songs & skipping ones she doesn’t like & whenever she moves the bed bounces. time disappears & suddenly mum is yelling thru the wall that dinner’s ready. tessa gets up to leave & gives me a hug & she smells amazing. i say she can stay if she wants, mum won’t mind, but she says nah & that she’ll see me tmr.

later, mum asks who’s your friend & i go red again. everyone teases me all thru dinner but i don’t even mind, i just can’t wait for math.

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