The rest of GDS would like to specially thank Vanessa Hughes, whose affinity for both the technical and creative sides of this project has been second only to her interest in exploring its possibilities, and who has worked so hard in pursuing them.

Thanks go to our new staff – Katia, Ali, and Megan – for stepping up; Christabel Harvey and Arts Victoria; Natalie Hughes, for the beautiful illustrations; incoming GM Emily Andersen; Michael Cathcart, for being a good sport; those who offer time and expertise like Kieran Ruffles, Andy Lane, Glen Christianson, Soup Campbell and Nick Runia; Erin Ender and Dawson St Studios; Matt Short’s design work; Alice Wild Williams for all her work and support; Jimmy Bartel’s piercing eyes; the Longform podcast; Oliver Mol’s track selection; Andrew, Judy, Bonnie, and the Eltham house; Joelistics, especially Days; Bhakthi’s secret book club; Mike at Apple; Toby Fleming and JB; Chucky’s discovery of Schlossgold and the rosti; and all the places that make us think twice about the kind of work we do at GDS.

Thanks to all our friends at the university: Kevin Brophy, Grant Caldwell, Elizabeth MacFarlane, Tony Birch, Eddie Patterson, Sarah Fortuna, Gioconda Di Lorenzo, and the lovely Annemarie Levin.

Special and final thanks to Alby, for being a No. 34 sounding board day and night; and to our departing general manager Emily Hollosy, who has done so much for GDS and will be missed.