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A message from creator, Tommy Wilder

I started loveporn™ because there was a gap in the market that everyone else was too chickenshit to do anything with. Not me. Just cos it’s unusual doesn’t mean people won’t watch it. That’s like my motto, I reckon.

I interview every performer before they start because I want to get them comfortable in front of the camera, but also because I want to see a little bit of where they come from. You can’t love someone without knowing where they come from. And if you can’t be in love with these people, I haven’t done my job right.

Everyone logs on for a reason. There’s a lot of sad on the web. I give a shit, you know…I’m proud of my product and what I’m doing here. I gotta get every performer to hit that sweet spot. Just the right spot, you know as soon as you have it. You feel it, and I don’t stop filming until I got it. It’s why people keep coming back. It’s the special loveporn™ touch.

That means membership is up. Like way, way up. You’re part of a movement. And yeah, that still means you pay for the service. Some people have taken me to town for that, but I’m not freakin’ Ghandi. Go jump. You gotta swing for every hit, ya know?

- Tommy Wilder, loveporn™

Pee Pee Adams in Sick Day

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Budge Ensby in Jungle Rub

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Performed by Caitlin Harris and Brynn Loosemore
Filmed and edited by Vanessa Hughes
Music by Max Rapley