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Interview with Bruce Pascoe, 1987

I reckon that people who write are really the crucible, or the cradle of all culture, because most things come out of writing.

Review: 'Disturbance' by Ivy Alvarez

We are all, in some essence, perverted crime-gazers. We are shadows of observation, investigating from a cloud-like posse of spectators. Going Down Swinging is the extended voice of such...

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Stories and Poems:

The Bedroom Philosopher Tour Diary #4

#4 Excerpt from The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries — the new book from Justin Heazlewood Sunday August 14. Burnie. Burnie Arts & Function Centre. Gig vibe: 7 Venue treatment: 7.5...

Excerpts from: A Guide for the Practical Abductee

GDS contributor E. Kristin Anderson provides an eerie insight into her upcoming paranormal and cryptozoology inspired chapbook, A Guide for the Practical Abductee.   Static Believe me, I want...

On Writing:

Open Readings and How to Botch Them

Paul Mitchell on open readers at poetry evenings – and the bad first impressions that can be made.

Rob McGere Bogs It In

Rob McGere, alias Paul Mitchell, ponders poetry from the construction site ahead of his Melbourne Fringe performance, Being a Wheel Family. This is one of them Bogs, isn’t it?...

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge: