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Reality is a Virtue: Oculus and the Rift in Virtual Reality Gaming

Rafael S. W. trials the latest upgrade in gaming – the Oculus Rift – and considers the future of gaming and the practical applications of virtual reality. It was...

The Prophet Effect

Fiona Broom reads Gibran's masterpiece for the first time, at the right time, and considers its effect.

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Stories and Poems:

Hot Wet Luxury Cobra

Fiction from Patrick Hunn on the hazards of modern dating.

Why I Went to Lebanon

Fiona Broom on travelling to Lebanon, ignoring government warnings and following a madman.


On Writing:

PRISM International: Vavuniya via Anuradhapura by Michael Lockett, in Photos

Once a month we're swapping articles with Canadian literary magazine PRISM to share our writers with a wider audience.

Fringe Binge '13: A Yarn

Lily Fish unravels the creative process and mythologies behind her upcoming Melbourne Fringe performance, Yarn.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge:

Bitch by Elizabeth Wurtzel

As a treatise on women who defied norms throughout history, Bitch held a lot of promise. But instead it turned into a whirlwind of half-baked theories, personal anecdotes and...