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In the Belly of the Trojan Horse

Ahmed Yussuf writes on consumption and the Australian literary scene in this essay from GDS#40.

Psychological Shopping: Harvey Norman

Can a shopping aisle have the emotional effect of a Broadway musical or a new flick? Oliver Mol reviews aisle nine at shopping centres across Australia.

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Stories and Poems:

Bot-tober 3.0

Bot-tober draws to a close with two new poems from Raelee Lancaster and Sean M Whelan.

Badenoch Street

Poetry by Jessica Kilkenny.

On Writing:

Reconciling Creativity with Copy

It was the late ‘90s and I found myself riffing poetry for a then start-up company calling itself ‘Crumpler’. These bike couriers had realised the bags they’d sewn for...

How to Get Teenagers Interested in Poetry

“Today,” I announce enthusiastically to a school hall full of fidgeting Year 8s, 9s and 10s, “we are going to be doing… poetry!” My professionally beaming smile is met...

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge:

Complete Novels of Dawn Powell

Rory mentions Powell because she was a prolific writer who fell into relative obscurity, and is often credited with coming up with some of Dorothy Parker’s famous witticisms.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

The rejection of the upper classes is perhaps the primary theme of Gilmore Girls, next to the enduring love story that is Lorelei and Rory.