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Instructions Not Included

Time passes differently inside a psychiatric hospital. A series of observations from K. J.

Excerpt from 'The Novel Teacher'

This is a sneak preview from our up-coming Going Down Swinging #33 from Eric Yoshiaki Dando’s short story The Novel Teacher. We will be launching the new GDS #33...

On Writing:

Sender Beware: Editorial Bias in Australian Poetry

Paul Mitchell examines the editorial biases at work in the Australian poetry community.

The Meditations Part VII: Eric Yoshiaki Dando on 'The Novel Teacher'

The Meditations is a curated series of reflections on writing and storytelling from contributors to the thirty-third issue of Going Down Swinging. This reflection comes from Eric Yoshiaki Dando on his...

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge:

Complete Novels of Dawn Powell

Rory mentions Powell because she was a prolific writer who fell into relative obscurity, and is often credited with coming up with some of Dorothy Parker’s famous witticisms.

As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

What I thought was a mildly challenging, but gently beautiful book, was in fact one of those not-as-rare-as-I’d-like texts that might actually send me mad.