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Food for Thought: The Birth of the SecondBite Poetry Prize

Anne M. Carson looks at some of the grassroots efforts being made to tackle social issues of food waste and hunger, and her journey towards the creation of the...

Klingon and Other Children

Languages don’t just evolve: some are made up. Rafael S.W. looks at invented languages (or ‘conlangs’) and the people that make, learn, and teach them. Outside the room, d’Armond...

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in a silent way

when he finished work he saw how lovely it was to deal with the end of autumn, to walk out of the office, leave behind the all-day geometry of...


The Curse

Excerpt from 'Atlas Dharma'

This is a sneak preview from our up-coming Going Down Swinging #33 from a collaboration between Cate Kennedy and Simon MacEwan. We will be launching the new GDS #33...

On Writing:

Jigsaw Puzzle Writing

There are two things that most like to do during these achingly long January days. I like to write and I like to do jigsaw puzzles. I’ve never understood...

Catholicism Can Be Sexy: Finding Poetry In the Pews

It was the Church that taught me first about the body.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge: