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In Defence of Slam Poetry

EZB’s response to an article in the Australian which was originally delivered as a speech at The Wheeler Centre. -Ed. A few months ago, I was featured in The...

Crime Factory's Double Debut

Crime Factory editor and publisher Liam Jose points out that, despite a fierce Lee cult following, “it seems stupid that there hasn’t been much written about him”.

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Stories and Poems:

Two People Write Letters to each Other about Things That Happen While They are Travelling in Different Countries Even Though, Sometimes, Not a Lot Actually Happens: Part II

Oliver Mol and Katia Pase revive the epistolary form by writing to each other – across continents.


in a silent way

when he finished work he saw how lovely it was to deal with the end of autumn, to walk out of the office, leave behind the all-day geometry of...

On Writing:

Bridging the Writer/Non-Writer Divide

Do writing events perpetuate the myth of the divinely inspired author? Antony Scholefield considers.

On Rejection

The Meditations Part VII: Eric Yoshiaki Dando on 'The Novel Teacher'

The Meditations is a curated series of reflections on writing and storytelling from contributors to the thirty-third issue of Going Down Swinging. This reflection comes from Eric Yoshiaki Dando on his...

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge:

A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays by Mary McCarthy

It’s easy to imagine the precocious Rory Gilmore reading Mary McCarthy’s essays. McCarthy is perfect for Rory: clever, insightful and not easily swayed.

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

I feel this book almost directly correlates with Rory’s ‘awakening’ at the hands of bad-boy Jess.