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Video: Under Milk Wood

This video was published in our inaugural digital edition in 2011, Edition No. 31. Under Milk Wood is a short film created by Vanessa Hughes using a combination of...

My Helmet

Roz Bellamy on the relationship between her hair, sexuality and sense of self.

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PRISM International: Excerpt from 'This is How I Remember You'

Once a month we’re swapping articles with Canadian literary mag PRISM to share our writers with a wider international audience.

Dark Matter

A few years ago my good friends and colleagues Alicia Sometimes, Sean M Whelan and Paul Mitchell formed Science in The Dark a collaborative directed by Alicia Sometimes to put on...

On Writing:

Sender Beware: Editorial Bias in Australian Poetry

Paul Mitchell examines the editorial biases at work in the Australian poetry community.

The Switcheroo

Every three weeks, seven-time Going Down Swinging contributor Paul Mitchell will provide insight into the practicalities of a writing life: from staying inspired to surviving.  Once people get over...

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge: