Before Derrick Brown took to the One Night Wonders stage back in May, the night was opened by Anthony O’Sullivan and Jessica Alice, whose sets will be made available progressively over coming weeks.

Anthony’s Poem for the Anthem for a Generation is a response to Nirvana’s signature track Smells Like Teen Spirit, originally written for the Liner Notes series in which a classic album is profiled track by track by a range of writers. Here it was performed in the Mission to Seafarers chapel in Melbourne: “Track one, side one, press play.” It’s a rollercoaster.

Anthony is a Melbourne performer of various stripes, raised on the Mornington Peninsula. He co-hosted the long-running southside poetry night The Spinning Room, and now runs Comedy Corner at Happy Palace.

Derrick’s first track from the night can be streamed here, and his full album can be downloaded here.

Anthony O’Sullivan
1. Airbag
2. No Surprises
3. Ships and Birds
4. Poem for the Anthem for a Generation

Jessica Alice
1. The Insidious Threat to Australia’s Youth
2. I’ve Been Wondering About How Dinosaurs Had Sex
3. When the Bed Is Burning
4. Bliss Breathing

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