We’re celebrating all things automation this month, and to kick things off, we trained a bot to write poetry (with the help of some human friends). You can learn about our resident bot and read the first batch of poems here.

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It wasn’t rain hitting it was just an oboe 
he knew it 
this realisation climbed him like a ghost 
it was always funny how he would react 
a spider rapunzel with electronic hair
a poetry mouth singing with a lazy tongue 
just oblivion. He just ordered. 
He unbuckled his jewellery belt,
this world droops about 
it feels soft like flour. 
This didn’t catholic over his chest infection 
it didn’t ease his history. It wasn't rain hitting
it was just a cardboard instrument
a social dramatic 
cloud that speaks over his voice and
pelts out the world. 

                                         By Emilie Zoe Baker


I have said that the way you want
is not much more

than just a hint of sea in one 
day, but I’m with

my friend and our first words are not 
the ones we’ll keep.

The room was full of us all night 
and when we left

she bought a few more beers to see 
how things would feel.

We crashed out from the storm that comes 
with no rules and

if we’re in this world to make sense 
of it all I

can’t help but seek a new route to 
the map we lost.

                                               By Adam Ford

Emilie Zoey Baker is an award winning poet and spoken word artist from Melbourne.

Adam Ford lives in Chewton, in Central Victoria. He is the author of the poetry books The Third Fruit is a Bird and Not Quite the Man for the Job. His website is theotheradamford.wordpress.com and his twitter and instagram are both @adamatsya.

Maeve Baker is a Melbourne based animator, illustrator and comic artist. She struggles to put down her pen, seeking to communicate relatable content in interesting ways. Maeve is currently employed at 12Field Animation Studio and on an array of freelance animation projects for clients in Melbourne and Brisbane.