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this nostalgic late-20s audience 
seems closer to defeat

relationships restrained 
shipwrecked in narcissism oblivion 

like some sort of vapour like 
pretending everyone remembers 

the world fumbles 
pauses in a quiet cafe 

fading amid routine: a young sigh 
a cigarette between psychologists 

poetry like ritual coruscations 
scattering fish in mainstream 

queue petty anxieties in the rain 
break slowly for your memories 

a world a moment you watch 
or maybe: you don’t
                                         By Raelee Lancaster


memes and books until dusk
lenses of poetry

we're in this world

drawing on our gleam
with swearing scream
between packing movies

while we're universities of being misunderstood
seemed ridiculous to imagine this porn grenade
could actually 
then candy turned cold
music fell asleep
bridges without bruises
blossom into intolerance
the water of our bodies
decided not
to keep moving
my mouth corpses your dreams
squealing into a blue dearth of dumb dragonflies
above sheets plunging uncontrollably 
outgrown cartoons of drug waves
boiled knife once felt clean
now tendrils around clocks synchronised to smoke
more like bemused forests of tourists
performing every bloodstained ballerina dreams
                                           By Sean M Whelan

Raelee Lancaster is a poet, research assistant and creative producer based in Brisbane. Her work has appeared in online and print publications including Overland, Rabbit, Voiceworks and Scum. She tweets @raeleelancaster

Sean M Whelan is a writer, DJ, marriage celebrant and podcaster. His podcast, More Than A Whelan, is themed around writers responding to creative prompts. Send him a prompt and he might write a poem about it.

Maeve Baker is a Melbourne based animator, illustrator and comic artist. She struggles to put down her pen, seeking to communicate relatable content in interesting ways. Maeve is currently employed at 12Field Animation Studio and on an array of freelance animation projects for clients in Melbourne and Brisbane.