I wonder if our thumbs will evolve

Grow longer


To dextrously sprint

Across our screens


With such unbridled precision

Majestically gliding

These stallion thumbs

Will race us around

And around

The frames of the loading wheel





Nothing has happened for like 7 minutes

And I’m absolutely beside myself


Oh thank god I’ve received a message

Won’t check it now though

I’ll let it sit

To become a source of belated anxiety


Build me up

Reach me


No wait

I can’t be bothered


I need to get up

Get off


These enormous thumbs

Will be the new phallus

Swinging them round

For everyone to see


Soon we’ll reach final form

A conglomerate mass

Of unsolicited dick pics

To stroke together

In solitude

Xanthe Dobbie is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Sydney. Working across on- and offline modes of making, their practice aims to capture the experience of post-internet contemporaneity as reflected through queer and feminist ideologies. Drawing on humour, pop, sex, history and iconography, Xanthe develops shrines to a post-truth era.