Derrick Brown’s live album is ready for release, and we’ve never been prouder of anything. The first One Night Wonders record by Going Down Swinging is audio mahogany with no illegal logging. It’s fire in your hearing-holes. It’s a work of art.

Anyone who was at that show can talk it up – the audience were so replete with laughter and sneaky tears that when Derrick finished the show by walking out of the room and not looking back, it seemed the only way it could have ended. But lots of shows are brilliant, and even as they’re happening they vanish into the ether. This one decided to stay with us.

Combine the acoustics of the Mission to Seafarers with the legendary engineering of Ptero Stylus, and the entire show is there in the palm of your hand. It’s now available as a digital download, and will soon be released as a limited-edition, individually numbered CD with a risograph-printed poster that folds down into a disc case, by design firm Holiday.

The other volumes in the series by Eleanor Jackson, Felix Nobis and Sean M Whelan & The Mime Set are also available for download.

Get your download here, or your limited edition albums here. Email with any questions. Those who’ve pre-purchased will have their orders sent in the next couple of days.

We hope you enjoy Derrick’s work from that night at the Mission. “When you make whisky there’s a nasty part of it, before it becomes the beautiful golden thing that it is, and it’s called sour mash. That’s the name of this poem.”

Let us know what you think.

Derrick Brown: One Night Wonders

1. All Distortion, All the Time (4:54)
2. Cotton In the Air (4:10)
3.Three Short Problems (3:10)
4.For Those Listening On Vinyl (0:56)
5. Hot for Sorrow (3:27)
6. Story Time (0:28)
7. Nick Cave’s Coffee (5:37)
8. Grocery List (1:43)
9. Sour Mash (8:19)
10. Church of the Broken Axe Handle (5:42)
11. Debbie (0:53)
12. A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me (8:58)

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