Eleanor Jackson’s show deserves to be called a tour de force. Just over an hour of material, all from memory, pieces flowing into the next, or pausing for enough talk to keep us grounded. She channelled the chapel surrounds, tying together the long shadow of lapsed Catholicism, an aversion to melodrama, the families we choose and the families we’re given, the strange long hours in the middle of summer nights, the confusion over who we’re supposed to be, all ending with her magnificent meditation on the way we leave this world, built around the seven stages of a funeral’s order of service.

Combine the acoustics of the Mission to Seafarers with the legendary engineering of Ptero Stylus, and the entire show is there in the palm of your hand. It’s now available as a digital download, and as a limited-edition, individually numbered CD with a risograph-printed poster that folds down into a disc case, by design firm Holiday.

The other volumes in the series by Eleanor Jackson, Felix Nobis and Sean M Whelan & The Mime Set are also available for download.  You can get those individually, or all four at a discount.

Get your download here, or your limited edition albums here. Email info@goingdownswinging.org.au with any questions. Those who’ve pre-purchased will have their orders sent in the next couple of days.

We hope you enjoy Eleanor’s work. “But my chosen family do not live in some height-tiered arrangement. ‘Boys in the back, girls in the front. Smooth down your cowlick. Pull up your socks!’ They are an image seen so close it is pure pixels.”

Eleanor Jackson: One Night Wonders
1. Let’s Take This Empty Feeling (4:06)
2. Sometimes She Listens (1:24)
3. Family Portrait (2:48)
4. The First Man I Wanted to Be (1:10)
5. The Man I Am (1:10)
6. She Stole My Every Rock and Roll (1:13)
7. You Said You Didn’t Speak Commitment (2:10)
8. Births, Deaths and Divorces (1:14)
9. Mirerva’s Ten (10:38)
10. This Reading Is Sponsored By… (1:13)
11. 2am on a Warm Summer Night (5:43)
12. It May Seem Strange (0:34)
13. For a Little While After You Died (0:55)
14. Just Before You Died (3:12)
15. If, In the End (16:35)
– Gathering Rites
– Call to Prayer
– Placing of Symbols
– Words of Remembrance
– Liturgy of the Word
– Liturgy of the Eucharist
– Final Commendation

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