Free, downloadable and totally portable ebook of the best essays, travel stories and musings from our online history.

Supported by the University of Melbourne, Essays, Letters, Reflections features online favourites from Jenny Sinclair, Scott Wings, Sian Campbell and Oliver Mol, as well as stories surrounding Going Down Swinging’s thirty-six year history by founders Kevin Brophy and Myron Lysenko.

The ebook, which is easily downloadable as an ePub or Kindle Mobi file, features the designs of Matt Short and the surreal line drawings of Genna Campton, paying homage to Going Down Swinging’s long and heady relationship with print.

Technical Requirements

The ePub version of Essays, Letters, Reflections is designed to be read/viewed as an ebook via tablets, iPads, iPhones, Androids and desktops. It’s best viewed using the free Google Books or iBooks app – just drop the book into your library and go. The Mobi file is suitable for Kindle readers.

Download the ebook here.

Kindle users download here.


  • Matthew Harnett
  • Z. P. Heller
  • Jenny Sinclair
  • Jessica Friedmann
  • Susan K. Burton
  • Kim Sherwood
  • Tyne Daile Sumner
  • Hannah Garrard
  • Kevin Brophy
  • Myron Lysenko
  • Katia Pase
  • Oliver Mol
  • Scott Wings
  • Daniel East
  • Sian Campbell

This project was made possible through the University of Melbourne’s Cultural and Community Relations Advisory Group (CCRAG).