In case you weren’t already convinced that you should make your way to BIGBANG Studio for our #38 launch this evening, get a load of our final performer Rafael SW…

Rafael is a writer and teacher, though both careers are definitely for love, not for the money. He writes short stories, non-fiction and poetry, and teaches chess and creative writing. Rafael is a long-time contributor to GDS, also writing regularly for our website. A past fiction editor for VoiceworksCatalyst and Ex Calamus Magazines, he has also been a competition judge, presented on panels, and is president of the Monash Creative Writers’ Club. He has over fifty published pieces online and off, including The Big Issue Fiction EditionThe Sleepers Almanac, and Award Winning Australian Writing.

Tell us about the piece you will be reading from/performing at the launch in ten words or less. 

Come see how I’ve alienated my friends/loved ones. Beautifully.

Who’s your favourite writer or performer, and why?

Too many to name, and it changes monthly. However in terms of sheer entertainment, I’d have to say Pratchett.

What have you been working on recently?

I’ve been enjoying the Digital Writers Festival microfiction challenge and there’s a few stories I’d like to finish before the end of the year. I’m also editing my novel and working on becoming more than 35 per cent fluent in French.

What are the ingredients to your perfect jaffle?

White choc and raspberry, just to be difficult.

Going Down Swinging’s #38 Launch kicks off at 7pm on November 10 at BIGBANG Studio in Northcote. A mere $20 secures entry, a copy of our latest anthology and a free drink (nab future drinks for a recommended donation of $2 each).

Book your tickets to the launch party now – this one’s going to be a blow out. Check the Facebook event page for more details and updates.

Magenta Sheridan is a member of the editorial team at Going Down Swinging.