Felix Nobis brings a warmth and robust humour to his storytelling that wins over every audience: long, rolling tales in the epic tradition but filled with Australian vernacular and characters. His show at One Night Wonders was epic in itself, the culmination of his last couple of decades of writing and performing laid out in a single evening. For the first time, all the stories that only existed as memorised lines in one man’s head have been captured in tangible form.

Combine the acoustics of the Mission to Seafarers with the legendary engineering of Ptero Stylus, and the entire show is there in the palm of your hand. It’s available as a digital download, or a limited-edition, individually numbered CD with a risograph-printed poster that folds down into a disc case, by design firm Holiday.

Hear Felix’s raucous sprawling ode to teenage chaos below: the scene is Penrith in the 1980s, The Red Cow Hotel.

The other volumes in the series by Eleanor Jackson, Felix Nobis and Sean M Whelan & The Mime Set are also available for download. You can get those individually, or all four at a discount.

Felix Nobis: One Night Wonders

1. Flagpole Poem  (4:38)
2. Barrow Creek (3:18)
3. Mr Descartes (4:12)
4. Ciaran Ruby (0:48)
5. Southgate Bridge (2:32)
6. Cork (0:31)
7. Silver (3:03)
8. Letter to Igor (2:50)
9. Calcutta (1:56)
10. Storm (2:08)
11. The Plaques On the Wall (0:29)
12. Seafarers (2:56)
13. The Sea Journey (from Beowulf)  (2:06)
14. I’ve Come to Kill Your Monster (0:32)
15. Mrs December (3:05)
16. Stuart (4:54)
17. Hunter and Gordon (0:34)
18. The Steering Wheel Story (1:56)
19. Penrith Poem (6:33)

ONW Felix front cover fullONW Felix back cover full


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