An entirely new editorial team came on board with issue 18, and an entirely new direction for Going Down Swinging. In probably the most important development since the journal’s founding, issue 18 marked the beginning of the spoken word era. While a one-off CD had been included with #13, it wasn’t until #18 that it was conceived of as a regular part of the journal, ranked as an equally important part of the production. Indeed, for a time, GDS was marketed as ‘spoken word CD with bonus literary anthology’.

Editors: Steve Grimwade, Alicia Sometimes, Adam Ford

The minds behind this change of direction belonged to the three new editors, Steve Grimwade, Alicia Sometimes, and Adam Ford. They saw poetry and stories spoken aloud as being just as important, and just as much literature, as text on the page. They wanted to bring the immediacy of spoken work to the ears of audiences.

The book was reshaped to a size reminiscent of a CD cover, and the disc fitted snugly within. The next five issues would follow this small-book format. Adam Ford would stay with GDS for those five issues, Alica Sometimes for six, and Steve Grimwade for nine. GDS’s legacy as a supporter of performance, events, and a publisher of art in any possible form, is all traceable to the decisions made by this new editorial team.

The first recording featured the likes of Emilie Zoey Baker and Phil Norton, who would go on to become regulars on future CDs, along with Sydney’s star performer Tug Dumbly, GDS founder Myron Lysenko, Kate Middleton, and AJ Rochester. The bonus book includes Terry Jaensch, Dan Disney, and Christine Edwards.

Published 2000.