The last of the small books coincided with the final issue of the dual editorial and romantic couple, Adam Ford and Anna Hedigan. With the cute golfing cover becoming an iconic GDS image via posters and t-shirts, the little pages include comic star Nicki Greenberg (who would go on to illustrate Hamlet and The Great Gatsby), This is Shyness author Leanne Hall, zine-mistress Vanessa Berry, a series of Ian McBryde’s striking Slivers collection of single-line stories, the first ever GDS contribution of the esteemed Nathan Curnow, and young punk Liam Pieper.

Editors: Steve Grimwade, Alicia Sometimes, Anna Hedigan, Adam Ford

The CD included The Bedroom Philosopher’s crowd-winner ‘Folkstar’, Look Who’s Morphing author Tom Cho, Melbourne poetry power pairing Steve Smart and Sandon McLeod, Poetica host Mike Ladd, Benezra’s alter ego Eytan Messiah, and the irrepressible PiO.

Published 2004.