Known around the office as ‘the ugly one’, the aesthetic challenge of the cover is more than rendered worthwhile by the strength of the content inside. This edition was also notable for the arrival of co-editor Lisa Greenaway, who would stay with GDS across eight issues, revolutionise the scope of its performance and commissioned work program, and carry the journal into its elegant modern era.

Editors: Steve Grimwade, Alicia Sometimes, Lisa Greenaway

This print/CD issue includes The Church’s songwriter and bassist Steve Kilbey, Five Islands Press godfather Ron Pretty, and the author of the acclaimed short story collection Small Indiscretions, Felicity Castagna.

There’s work from The Age columnist and comedian Ben Pobjie, esteemed poet Ross Donlon, bizarre Sydney wordsmith Bravo Child, and perhaps the best title of any GDS piece ever, Bel Schenck’s ‘Val Kilmer is in your fortune cookie’. Sean Whelan takes his written tribute to Elliot Smith from the pages of GDS 22, and adds the surging violin-tinged rock of The Mime Set in in letting it loose as a stirring audio creation, creating an all-time classic track.

Published 2006