#25 was a stand-out issue of Going Down Swinging. No book this time, but a double-CD spoken word edition. The artefact, though, is one you need to have and hold, with the most beautiful illustrations by esteemed Melbourne artist Tai Snaith decorating front cover, back cover, and the entire span of the insert booklet.

Tai’s detailed and charismatic animal figures are rendered painstakingly with ink and paint onto old sheet music, playing with the staves and notes. Ten of her original illustrations are reproduced throughout, along with information on the double disc compilation contained within.

Contributors include Canadians Ian Ferrier and Victoria Stanton, Cooknkitch, Zenobia Frost, future GDS editor Klare Lanson, and the dreamy, hypnotic, all-too-short-lived musical verse collaboration of Sean M. Whelan and the Mime Set.

Published 2007.