Going Down Swinging’s most extraordinary print production was the extra-special hardback version of #26.

Editors: Steve Grimwade, Lisa Greenaway

Where the paperback included prints of intricate stencil art from five of Melbourne’s best street artists, these special editions included originals of the same artworks at four times the size. The variation in colouring and technique means that each book is distinct from the next. Hand-bound and individually numbered, these are collector’s items in the truest sense of the term.

Only two copies remain.

As the prospectus stated at the time, “This is an unprecedented opportunity to collect the work of HaHa, Vexta, Tom Civil, Miso and Ghostpatrol – artists whose works normally adorn the laneways of Melbourne, but who now, for the first time, can be collected in this unique publication.”

“Only thirty copies of this hardback edition have been created. Each issue has been lovingly hand-bound by Irwin & McClaren Bookbinders in law buckram with a clear foil stamp. Each issue features five limited edition artworks – one from each artist. Each artwork is tipped in, so that it folds out effortlessly from the hardback binding.”

Published 2008.

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