With #26 began what are now known as the Greenaway years – five editions with a clear, consistent format, and an aesthetic that placed elegance first. Going Down Swinging was remade in trade paperback size, with textured cover stock, high GSM paper, uniform font and masthead, luscious cover images, and a sleeved CD held in a sliced cover-fold.

Editors: Steve Grimwade, Lisa Greenaway

Inside the ‘Shhhh’ cover by design star Tom Civil, this issue focused on street art from Melbourne’s laneway walls. It reproduced prints from Civil, Vexta, HaHa, Miso, and Ghostpatrol.

There was an epic desert narrative from a young Anna Krien, whose book Into the Woods would go on to win prizes at the Queensland and Victorian Premiers’ Awards; and a story from Leanne Hall, whose would win the Text Prize for her novel This is Shyness.

There was audio work from electronic music legend David Thrussell, Ian McBryde’s collaboration as The Still Company, and Citizen Tom’s new alter ego Thomas, Jack of Hearts.

It also featured the first contribution from Hawaiian writer Eric Paul Shaffer, who would go on to become a GDS regular over subsequent issues, as would Fiona Wright, who has her second publication here. Grant Caldwell and PiO keep the flag flying for the early names.

Published 2008