Going Down Swinging No. 34 is a multimedia literary journal interweaving narratives in words, pictures, sound, and motion. Available as a tablet app or a desktop download, No. 34 has the work we can’t possibly put in print, with interactive comics from Mike Baylis, fiction for the eye and ear from Laura Jean McKay, and historical mystery solving from Lachlan Plain (with a special guest appearance from Michael Cathcart), all bundled in a stunning and innovative digital design by Vanessa Hughes.

Should I buy the App or the Online version?

No.34 comes in two flavours – an iOS App for iPads and iPhones, and the Online version for all other platforms.
The Online version works on desktop computers and mobile devices, including phones and tablets (Android and Apple). All you need is an internet connection and the right browser.

Writers and Artists:

  • Jillian Pattinson
  • Zoe Norton Lodge
  • Michael Baylis
  • Michael Lee Johnson
  • B N Oakman
  • Louise Molloy
  • Peter Murphy
  • Lily Mae Martin
  • Gabrielle Bates
  • Laura Jean McKay
  • Robbie Coburn
  • Eddie Sharp
  • Sarah Stanton
  • Heesco
  • Lachlan Plain
  • Emma De Campo
  • Peter Dunn
  • Joan Thornton
  • Tim Spencer
  • Allison Browning
  • Kieron Byatt
  • Holly Childs