Before Derrick Brown took to the One Night Wonders stage back in May, the night was opened by Anthony O’Sullivan and Jessica Alice, whose sets will be made available progressively over coming weeks.

‘When the Bed Is Burning’ has nothing at all to do with Midnight Oil, but does have to do with a bed that is on fire, whether metaphorically or literally. Symbolism. Who knows what anything means any more.

Jessica is co-director of the National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle. She’s poetry editor for Scum and has previously edited for Voiceworks, Kill Your Darlings and The Lifted Brow. Talk to her here.

You can stream Derrick’s first track from the night here, and download his full album here.

Jessica Alice

1. The Insidious Threat to Australia’s Youth
2. I’ve Been Wondering About How Dinosaurs Had Sex
3. When the Bed Is Burning
4. Bliss Breathing

Anthony O’Sullivan

1. Airbag
2. No Surprises
3. Ships and Birds
4. Poem for the Anthem for a Generation

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