Do we love one another enough



Last night I walked down to our supermarket

through a tunnel of gentle rain


and every person rushing by me was another world

of difficulty, and difference.


I did not stop them, did not put out a summoning hand

and mention

            ice caps.


I allowed their streams of consciousness

to pass through me.

Why worry them



Soon enough is soon. If they are not worried


they will be worried



And if there is nothing to worry about

we are sweet

squatting on a mushroom

that won’t go



A mushroom that goes boom

is an olden times behind-the-eyes



All this time

I have been pondering

the wrong storm.


Ha ha ha ha ha

            ha ha.

Jennifer Compton was born in New Zealand and now lives in Melbourne. Recent work has appeared in Antipodes, Poetry New Zealand, The Moth, Cicerone Journal, Not Very Quiet, Verity La, and in Solid Air, the new anthology of spoken word published by UQP.