Another edition, another launch party, another stellar line-up. In the weeks leading up to our Pigeonholed launch we’re showcasing the outstanding performers who’ll be swinging by on Friday November 16 at Grub Street Bookshop.

Next up is Claire G. Coleman.

Claire G. Coleman is not a zombie but nevertheless appreciates the taste of good brains. She uses the energy from those brains, and other offal, along with a beverage known as coffee, to power the stringing together of words which may actually be the only thing she is not terrible at. She wears odd socks.

Image credit: Jen Dainer, Industrial Arc

Tell us about the piece you will be performing at the launch, in ten words or less.

I will be reading an excerpt from a zombie story with a twist. ‘With a twist’ are either among the most delightful words in the English language or the most terrifying.

What have you been working on recently?

Recently I have been writing my third novel and editing my second while being inundated with commissions and other short works I decide to do because I am some sort of lunatic or masochist.

What is your favourite book that, in your opinion, doesn’t get much praise?

I love Frankenstein by Mary Shelley that has unfortunately been terribly defamed by movie adaptations. Most people think they know Frankenstein but do not.

If you were a pigeon, what person or thing would you most like to poop on?

If I was a pigeon I would build a time machine to travel back to 1769 and shit on Captain Cook.

Pigeonholed lands at 6pm Friday November 16 at Grub Street Bookshop in Fitzroy. Entry is free but please RSVP via Eventbrite so there’s enough drinks to go around. Speaking of drinks, they’re by cash donation – think gold coins. Stay up to date on the Facebook event page.

Russell Wong is the Digital Marketing Intern at Going Down Swinging.