This is the thirty-ninth blow as we go down swinging, spotlighting genre writing from thirty-three writers with artwork by Bren Luke.

In this special edition of Going Down Swinging, genre writers punch back. From zombies and bird poetry to YA and fanfiction, Pigeonholed has something for everyone – no matter what box you’ve been placed in.

Featuring Claire G. Coleman, Shaun Tan, Patrick Lenton, Anna Spargo-Ryan, Scott Wings, Joan Katherine Webster, BN Oakman, Melissa Keil and more. Plus brilliant illustrations by Bren Luke.

Strap in: Pigeonholed will send you crash-landing on the blood-red dunes of an alien planet, roaming the neon-drenched streets of a red-light district, and slipping through the cracks of a grungy London warehouse.

With a pulp-inspired design by Matt Tambellini of More Studio, this year’s book is pocket-sized, pulpy and begging to be dog-eared. 

Printed by printing legends Finsbury Green. Thanks to all our sponsors for making this edition possible.

Grab a copy now.