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Gang Warfare is Only a Few Pokémon Away

Mob mentality and team culture in Pokémon Go is growing, writes Rafael S. W.

Lingua Fracas

What happens to language in wartime? Rafael S. W. looks at the implications of regulated speech.

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Stories and Poems:

Do Not Shake The Bridge

A long bridge of books and paper spans the gorge. You have gone ahead and vertigo is a hand clasped round my ankle, with the gravity of flesh  ...

Sir Tramsalot

Your daily commute will never be the same. By Ben Hutchings.

On Writing:

A Freelancer's Guide to Europe: London

Online editor Megan Anderson gives up a roof, friends and financial stability to write around Europe.

The Art of Rejection

Former GDS editor Adam Ford on the art of the rejection letter.

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge: