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Suspended Animation Inc.

Rafael S. W. on the collapsing cryogenics movement and how you can help.

The (Public) Space Invaders

Tyne Daile Sumner challenges our sincerity when dealing with each other in packed spaces.

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The second daily winner of the 2020 Swinburne Microfiction Challenge.

Excerpt from 'Doughnut Eaters' by Diane Bracuk

Once a month we're swapping posts with Canadian literary magazine PRISM to share our writers with a wider audience.

On Writing:

The Meditations Part IV: Anne M. Carson on 'The Limits of Goodwill'

The Meditations is a curated series of reflections on writing and storytelling from contributors to the thirty-third issue of Going Down Swinging. This reflection comes from Anne M. Carson on...

Why Do You Write Poetry? – Initially NO

Adam Ford tracks down poets and asks them the most difficult of questions: 'Why do you write poetry?'

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge:

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

There’s an unexpected prison friendship, a gaol break and hidden treasure!

Bitch by Elizabeth Wurtzel

As a treatise on women who defied norms throughout history, Bitch held a lot of promise. But instead it turned into a whirlwind of half-baked theories, personal anecdotes and...