“This Friday night something very special is happening and it will never happen again.” That’s how the frontman put it. Through the mid-2000s, Sean Whelan & The Mime Set made a collaborative sound all their own, layering strange and beautiful stories through built-up cycles of post-rock majesty. Then they were gone, short-changing posterity by the price of at least one high-fidelity live recording. Seven years after breaking up, they reformed for this one show, and finally we were able to catch the magic.

Here it is, in the gorgeous acoustics of the Mission to Seafarers Chapel, captured by expert engineer Ptero Stylus. Sean called it “one of the greatest gig experiences of my life”, and now you can have it in your hand. It’s available as a digital download, or a limited-edition individually numbered CD with a risograph poster that folds down into a disc case, by design firm Holiday.

The other albums in the One Night Wonders series are Volume One by Derrick Brown; Volume Two by Eleanor Jackson; and Volume Three by Felix Nobis. Get them individually, or as a box set for big savings.

Get your downloads here or your CDs here. Find us at info@goingdownswinging.org.au for any questions. Pre-purchases will be sent as soon as possible.

Sean M Whelan & The Mime Set: One Night Wonders

1. Night Grabs (3:44)
2. Getting the Band Back Together (1:03)
3. Paper Skin (5:42)
4. LCUK (6:19)
5. Honey O (6:21)
6. Seven Day Dream Journal (4:52)
7. Tattooing the Surface of the Moon (4:23)
8. Doyle’s Dream (10:36)
9. Dear Elliott (4:01)
10. Wake Me Up With a Kiss (7:10)
11. Three Moments of Devotion (8:02)

ONW Felix front cover fullSean-Back

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Feature image by Damian Stephens