Alicia Sometimes seeks out the most exciting spoken word artists in the land for your reading/listening pleasure.

The Official Bio

Jacky T is a performance poet/MC, writer and producer. Originally from country Victoria, he wears city life like an itchy woollen sweater. He recently released a chapbook, Things I See Around Brunswick, and a free instrumental EP, Old Stylus EP. Jacky T’s upcoming concept album, A Night Out In, is due out “when the all-encompassing Malibu and Berocca binge is over”. See his Facebook page for more details.

My View

Jacky T. Troubadour. Lyricist. Word sculptor. It’s easy to see why Jacky T draws you in with his passionate prose. He has insane rhythm and a gunfire delivery of his stories. He is refreshing in his style and he is all substance. His latest EP, Old Stylus EP, demonstrates both his maturity and creative depth and I always look out for his performances. He is wild live, but if you can’t catch him on stage, fill your ears with his aural treats.

His View

I started falling in love with words when…

I was about 8 or so, I guess. It was when my sister and I discovered Triple J, and from there very lyrical bands like RATM and Public Enemy: they were intense in getting messages across and that really sold me on the power of words.

Poetry (or spoken word) means

When I couldn’t stop listening to a B-side by Slim Shady until I had the lyrics perfect, then crying when my parents took the tape away.

Other poets I adore are

The playful storytelling types I guess, like Sean M. Whelan, Michelle Dabrowski, Steve Smart, Jean Grae; and then the lyrical fire heads like Sage Francis, Sunni Patterson, Saul Williams and Vursatyl of Lifesavas.

I love the sounds of…

Deep dub and old rear projection TVs being smashed in – we used to patrol the local tip with my dad as a kid and throw rocks through them for the aural pleasure.

If I could tell you one thing…

I’d be putting on pretty repetitive shows. Repetitive shows.



Alicia Sometimes is an Australian writer, poet, musician, co-host of 3RRR’s Aural Text and a past editor and long-standing contributor of Going Down Swinging (co-editing issues No. 18-No. 23 and contributing to issues No. 14-No. 17 and No. 25-No. 29).