Alicia Sometimes seeks out the most exciting spoken word artists in the land for your reading/listening pleasure.


Luka Lesson is a spoken word and hip-hop artist cut from a different cloth. Writing rap music for nine years, Luka discovered Slam Poetry in 2009 and has never looked back. In 2011 Luka won the Australian Poetry Slam final and consequently spent 2012 touring writers’ festivals and independent venues throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand and North America.

His latest album Please Resist Me is a powerful combination of both poetry and music: 17 tracks of love, social change, ancestral pathways and internal ruminations.



Luka Lesson is sparkling dynamite: gritty, soulful, vivacious and insightful. His poetry not only resonates with audiences, it dares them, teases and coaxes them into something infinitely brighter. Lesson is a vibrant addition to the poetry and spoken word landscape. His performances are authentic and rich and he has plenty to say. He is worth listening to, seeing and reading. Many exclamation marks after this sentence.


725IMG_0929400HIS VIEW

I started falling in love with words when…

I wrote my first song with my brother at 7 years old.

The first time I knew I was hooked was…

When I performed one of my rap verses as a spoken word piece at Graham Nunn’s ‘Speed Poets’ in Brisbane, 2008.

Spoken word means…

… to be vulnerable, brave and articulate all at once.

Other poets I adore are…

Khalil Gibran, Shane Koyczan, Lupe Fiasco, Kavafy, Ken Arkind, Omar Musa, Nick Cave, Sadahzinia, Santo Cazzati, Homer, Maya Angelou, Frida Kahlo, Darkwing Dubs and Alia Gabres… and out of those, the ones that I know personally are adored as great people, as well as great poets.

I love the sounds of…

Hearing someone perform their first ever poem, my grandmother’s voice, noticing different kinds of silence, the ocean, my breath underwater and women speaking Greek, it’s like they are singing all day.

If I could tell you one thing…

Some clichés are worn out for a reason; be thyself.

Alicia Sometimes is an Australian writer, poet, broadcaster, musician and has toured nationally and internationally with her poetry. She’s also a past editor and long-standing contributor to Going Down Swinging.