It’s been a strange start to 2020.

Between bushfires and the coronavirus, our country and communities have been ravaged. The arts industry has lost an estimated $325 million in revenue from events cancelled in the wake of the pandemic, and that number’s only likely to grow. It’s hard to know what’ll happen next.

But the Going Down Swinging team is taking heart in the way the arts community has pulled together in these tough times.

For our part, we’ve reached out to and rounded up a list of artists to get behind financially whose work has been affected by the coronavirus. We’ve also compiled a list of books to read during self-isolation – and the indie bookstores to get them from! Plus tips on self-care, and what’s getting the GDS team through.

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Artwork by the wonderful Rachel Gyan – one of the many creatives impacted by the coronavirus. Get in touch with her through Instagram or at