Over the next two weeks we’re tracking down as many Melbourne Fringsters as we can before shooting a ton of relevant and not-so-relevant questions at them very quickly.

Today we say hello to:

Jacky T

Show: T.A.P

Official Fringe blurb:

DAAMdance proudly presents T.A.P! – Tap and Poetry.

Hai Nguyen, tap dance demi-god/choreographer and Jacky T, spoken word artist/producer come together to make and break the genre bounds of art; combining tap and poetry in an enigmatic show of how rhythm truly knows no limits.


Q: Who are you?

Jacky T: poet, writer, producer (one half of the duo).

I’m a country boy who wears city life like an itchy woollen sweater.

Q: Describe your Fringe show in five words or less.

Tap dance meets spoken word.

Q: It’s cold, raining and miserable. Why should we leave the house to see your show?

To share in our surprise if we can get tap dance and spoken word to gel together into something euphonic.

BONUS QUESTION #1: If you could invite one world leader to your show, who would it be?

Arik Braun. He’s the world leader in ‘chess boxing’ … and patience and taking blows to the head well is essential for viewing this show.

Q: Anyone else in your Fringe team we should know about?

Hai Nguyen: tap dancer, choreographer, DAAM dance school owner. He’s the foot to ground work and ideas man behind the show.

Q: What other Fringe shows are you excited about?

everything all the time – Sean Whelan’s little ghostly puppy.

Self Preservation and The Human Connection.

Black Faggot (Victor Rodger).

BONUS QUESTION #2: If your show had a mascot, who or what would it be?

A worn-in pair of tap shoes, tongue out of course.

Q: What is your best Fringe Festival survival tactic?

Currently working fourteen-hour days and will be through all the Fringe and shows; I’m so wretched that I don’t have the capacity to be anxious about the show. It’s working a treat as a survival tactic.

BONUS QUESTION #3: What inspires you?

Melbourne, fishing and Philemon.

Q: Select a daggy YouTube video that relates to your show.

This video pretty much sums up everything.