Once a month, writer, comic artist and past Going Down Swinging editor Adam Ford will track down a poet and accost them with the trickiest of questions: ‘Why do you write poetry?’

To begin the series, we are re-posting an answer from GDS co-founder, Kevin Brophy.

Kevin Brophy says:

Why I write poetry

My mother prays for me.
Her prayers sometimes appear in my pockets
as handkerchiefs, loose change, keys.
I think I know what she’s getting at with the keys.
Sometimes it’s post-it notes with scribbled words
which could be instructions or corrections.
Sometimes on slightly larger torn-out paper scraps
there are lists of writers I should be reading.

Today it was a toy soldier with a gun.
I kept flipping it over in my hand
In my pocket. I kept bending
the end of its plastic rifle
for I knew whose heart it was aiming at.
I know where its enemy is.
I know there is not much more time left
To empty my pockets.

Adam Ford is a poet, writer, comic artist and co-editor of Going Down Swinging editions #18-#22. His proudest achievements in that role were getting comic art on the journal’s pages on a regular basis and working with artist Peter Savieri to create a consistently playful pop-culture sequence of covers.