tenderhooks is an art-doer living in sydney. their body was in perth for a fair while before that. working mostly with pigmented black lines and digital ink, their art has appeared on beer taps, tote bags, instagram & 1 x ute. they make alloys of the disturbing & tender & absurd to continue to unfold the inner landscapes & melancholy ecstasies of beyond-word spaces.

    Zac Picker grew up in Kansas and currently resides in Bulanaming/Marrickville. During the day he is a physics PhD student, studying black holes and dark matter. By night Zac doubles as a writer of weird fiction, with stories published in magazines and journals such as Island, Soft Stir, Aniko Press, Curiouser, and Going Down Swinging, winning the Swinburne Microfiction Prize in 2020, as well as both the Honi Soit Writing Competition and the USU Creative Awards in 2021. www.zacpicker.com, insta @zac_picker