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    Freya Daly Sadgrove


    in the future

    everyone in the world is depressed;

    it is known as the global downbuzz


    kissing has become lowbrow art

    theatre is generously funded

    and is performed on outdoor plinths

    so high

    that no one has to watch


    in the future you can have surgery done

    to invert your eyeballs

    and rig lights on the underside of your skull


    in the future

    people tell the truth—

    they tell it energetically and all the time

    it is almost grotesque……….


    in the future

    during sex

    couples scream

    the names of other people over and over until climax

    and then they hold each other and cry


    in the future

    what youths do at parties is

    they just get together and hurt!


    like physically

    with injuries and stuff

    new injuries


    in the future

    at cafes and restaurants

    instead of a steady hum of chat

    such as we in the present day

    are accustomed to

    there is a sort of

    … grating sound


    everyone contributes their own groan

    and finds that it builds a sense of community


    and where

    are the children?


    in the future

    they are educating themselves and each other

    they are gathering in town squares and on the banks of rivers,

    at intersections, on hills, under bridges and in the gardens of strangers

    and they are just watching…

    and making notes


    what else


    in the future people embrace the aging process—

    beauty products contain more acid


    and in the past in the future

    people began a practice

    of pulling out their adult teeth at twenty-first birthdays

    they would then gift them to city councils

    who used the teeth to build great monuments to peace

    in the future this practice continues but with less anaesthetic

    as for the monuments:

    they have got so tall


    one other thing I know about the future

    is that in the future I am dead

    the coroner’s report says I buried myself

    under one tonne of bean bag beans

    and asphyxiated