This is a sneak preview from our up-coming Going Down Swinging #33 from the story The Old Woman’s Tale by Robin  Davidson. We will be launching the new GDS #33 on Sunday 2 September at the Toff in Town with an amazing line up of performers.

Event details can be found here.


mani-lands were a-crowdening with mani-folk, and the mani-folk were

a-crowdening with differings. There were folkings who wrapped all

a-fur in the skinness of wild things, there were folkings a-decked in

shimberings dug of deep earthing, there were folkings a-laugh upon

the great waters in boats of tree-skin, and folkings a-voyage on the

backs of a-snorting tall beasts. All these differings of folking were

followings of differing godness and a-bowed before differing spiriters.

There were the followings of Baby Cheeses, the cow-child who a-gave

milk-love for the folk afore she was nallied to the crotch. There were

followings of Ma-Comet, who a-blazed the amighty naming Ulular

upon the skyne; the followings of the Urging Hairy, Cover of Sod;

and of the Lord Boater, who a-voyaged the eddings and shoalies of



These a-differed followings fell a-bickering and a-fighting, atween

Lord Boater’s wayings of water and Ma-Comet’s blaze of skyne,

atween the milky of Baby Cheeses and the Earthing of the Urging Hairy,

and bloodness and fearings a-curdled milk and darkened skynes,

a-troubled waters and rotted earth. One of the followings – no memory

now a-knowing of the which – a-made darkening magics of yellow

stones and thunderness that a-roared death and a-killing stain

left all on the earthing.


But in a-killing of folkings of other followings, this a-roaring left

the worldlings a-crack, and a-squeezing through the crack from no

place a Demon came. His coat was scarlet a-soaking with bloods,

an ancient white beard a-grasped his chinny, and his fingers all

a-wicked talons were. When he a-squeezed through the crack, he

a-slunk to north of the northest, and builted a castle of magic water

hardened into white-rock. Many a year he a-brooded and a-laboured

and a-forged tools of a-wonder and magicness, then he a-shinied

them all in bright wraps and tie-ups, he a-gathered them all to one

mightly sack and a-flew them across the mani-lands, a-leaving them

to all the differing mani-folks.


And the mani-folk of the mani-lands were a-wonder with these

prezlings, never had any eyed such magics. And word came a-creeping

across the mani-lands that all the differing followings found

prezlings, whether a-following of the Baby Cheeses or the Urging

Hairy, of Ma-Comet or the Lord Boater. And wondriment fell upon

the mani-folk that a spiriting gave to all the followings, not to one-anonly,

and wondriment was who this amight spiriting be.

Then by the magicking of the prezlings the Demon a-spokered,

a-made that laughting and jollity was he, and that his a-naming be

Satan Claws…