So… last Friday. You sailed into Brunswick’s Dawson St Studios on a lake of Bulmers cider, and what a night it was.

Props to Zoe Norton Lodge for her hypnotic words; Florelie Escano for sending us into a swoon; and Joelistics for bringing out the most wonderful array of hand gestures we’ve seen in a long time, and leaving a bunch of head-shaking art kids saying “Huh, I thought I didn’t like hip-hop.” And thanks, of course, to DJs Sean M. Whelan and Laser Ferrari, who kept even the most socially awkward souls dancing.

Thanks all our volunteers for your support and party efforts on the night. Special thanks to our friends at Bulmers and Radburger and Buckleys Brews for watering and feeding y’all, and the amazing Monkey Marc and DIY Hi-Fi for the truly epic wood-panelled solar-powered sound set-up.

GDS No. 34 is now firmly and officially launched, and available to buy in a browser version or an Apple app.

Photos below courtesy of Emma Battaglene.

Photo / Emma Battaglene

Photo / Emma Battaglene


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