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Cosy Nights In

“You don’t find it horrifying?” I press him. “No,” he says. “Because it’s not real.” —Frances Egan

The Prophet Effect

Fiona Broom reads Gibran's masterpiece for the first time, at the right time, and considers its effect.

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Stories and Poems:

Nine Muses

"You see? This is how I write poetry. I write poems by breathing in and out." —David Ishaya Osu

Two Hands


Ladies' Day

The second comic in our new Millennial Pink series by Emma Jensen takes us on an unfortunate trip to the races.

On Writing:

All Aboard the Poetry Bus

The concept is so crazy, it's genius. Hire a red double-decker bus and stick two poets on it.

Why Do You Write Poetry? – Maria Takolander

Adam Ford tracks down poets and asks them the most difficult of questions: ‘Why do you write poetry?’

The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge:

Cujo by Stephen King

Why is everyone vaguely psychic in Stephen King books? And what the hell is it with shitty Tad’s scary closet?

The Archidamian War by Donald Kagan

Having to wade through this dry examination of a specific period of the Peloponnesian conflict simply because the book APPEARED on Richard Gilmore’s shelf in an episode was...