As we look forward to a new year of Going Down Swinging, we like to remember some of the fabulous work from our contributors. While clicks are only one metric, and there are many others in terms of quality and significance of a piece, it is the only one our analytics offers.

    So, without further comment and in no particular order, allow us to present 2022’s MOST CLICKED

    A FLOATING BODY IS A FLYING BODY by Christy Tan & thanh tú

    An excerpt from CALL ME WHATEVER YOU WANT by Kat Capel



    INERTNESS poem by Grace Chan & artwork by James Martin

    WORMS poem by Eric Jiang

    DIRGE poem by Eileen Chong

    CLIPPINGS by Zac Picker

    A squiggly hand-drawn illustration of a figure climbing onto a roof. A tree made of television antennae and small television screens grows from the tiles.

    HERE IS A HOME by Georgia Mill

    Drawing of completely black room with white dot inside and door symbol.

    SOMETHING ABOUT LOVE by Angelita Biscotti

    THE GREAT OUTDOORS by Elese Dowden

    elese dowden


    Take a look at 2021’s list too. : )

    THANK YOU to all our gorgeous writers, artists & readers – see you next year!

    ❤ GDS